Croci Bruno Antica Cioccolateria Artigiana dal 1930

Our history

Inebriating scents of cocoa and candied fruit, sugar and cherries left to macerate in barrels of spirit. Cioccolateria Croci is a true paradise for those who are chocolate and traditional Italian recipes lovers that, here in Turin, take on the mystical traits of sacredness.

Guido and his brother Luca are the two Willy Wonka of this story, made of a family tradition that has been handed down for three generations. In 1930 grandparents Gualtiero and Rosa had opened a traditional artisan pastry, then their son Bruno, sensing time evolution, decided to specialize himself as chocolate maker, transforming the family business into the enterprise that is still today.

Croci brothers’ every day aim is to propose, in respect of preserving Turin traditional techniques and recipes, new tastes and flavors.

Recently, a unique on market product, has been introduced: "Divini" chocolates with a heart of liquid fine wine inside (Barolo and Champagne). The new product continue alongside of the great classic ones such as "Preferiti", prepared with cherries from Pecetto, and the "Dragees", chocolates that wrap around the famous and delicious “tonda gentile delle Langhe” hazelnuts.

Every single phase of the process is carefully checked in the laboratory, ensuring quality and food safety of all our products: from the choice of raw ingredients, all Italian and valuable, to the preparation of the chocolate and its fillings, and finally to the creation of the product and its packaging, strictly handmade.